Resources for Autism Spectrum learners

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No two kids on this spectrum will be the same, so of course, no resource list will apply or be a perfect fit for everyone. I offer this is a starting point or list of possible resources, and you will have to evaluate the relevance for your child and your situation. Please feel free to email me with resources you would add to this list and would like to share with others.


  • Helping Children with Autism Learn (Treatment approaches for parents and professionals) by Bryna Siegel, Phd.
  • 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Aspergers
  • A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies for Individuals with Autism by Beth Fouse and Maria Wheeler
  • Behavioral Interventions for Young Children with Autism- A manual for parents and professionals edited by Catherine Maurice, Gina Green and C. Luce
  • Autism: an Inside Out Approach by Donna Williams



Research Journals and Magazines


Advocacy Organizations    Advocates for High functioning Autism, Aspergers and PDD.  Aspergers Assoc of New England  parent oriented group  Autism research institute   Defeat Autism Now  Families for Early Autism Treatment  Global and Regional Aspergers Syndrome Partnership


Insight from others with ASD   Autism Network International


Local Resources Mn autism Center   autism Society of MN  Mn early Autism Project Fraser center