Writing Project- Ad Campaign

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By Kim Jaworski, Homeschool Resource Specialist

A great project for middle school and high school kids is to create an ad campaign. This can be done focusing on an existing product, service or destination or something they make up or wish existed, or even for some futuristic scenario like selling homes on the moon or jetpack tours of the solar system.

What would the tv ads be like? What about radio, print ads or billboards? Have them design the whole thing. It’s a great time to talk about how companies decide who they are marketing at and how they exaggerate the ads to get your attention and make you believe you can’t live without this. They will get the inside track on ‘the hype’ and hopefully see beyond all the glitz and shazam of advertising.

As you begin this project encourage them to look critically at ads, packaging, promotional items and how companies make a fuss about their products. Does the product live up to the hype? How often are we disappointed with a purchase?

Share this project with your co-op and have a day when each child shares the ad pitch they came up with. I promise it will be interesting to see what they conjure up, and the consumer savvy they gain will serve them well when trying to cut through the sales hype throughout their lives.