Testing with Skype

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Save money on your testing fee, and save us both the commute. Testing via Skype is fun and convenient, and you pay the lowest testing fee ($45). If you’re testing more than one child, that savings adds up!


You need high speed internet access and a webcam equipped computer (most lap tops come with these now). A webcam can be added to a desktop computer or laptop that doesn’t have one. It’s also possible to use a friend’s laptop for testing (you can test from your friend’s house or from a library or other wifi site).  Just go to skype.com and do the free download. The Skype videoconferencing process is free to users. I suggest that you do some practicing with Skype (connect with a friend or family member who also has a webcam) to get comfortable with the settings. It’s all quite user friendly.


Payment of testing fee: You can either mail me a check in advance of your Skype testing appt (I will hold your check until the appt date), or pay via Paypal the day before your appt. If payment isn't handled in advance, I will email your receipts and testing results as soon as payment is received.


I am now skype testing for families all across the country (and families in Spain and Dubai, too!). Its convenient and user-friendly.  If for some reason on the day of testing, we can't get the connection to work properly or are unable to complete the testing session due to technical issues, we can reschedule the testing appt for a face to face appt, or try skype again another time and there is no charge for the unsuccessful Skype attempt.


Other tips for using skype:

On a laptop, you want to be sure your battery/ power setting is in high performance (not energy saver mode) for best video quality (you can access those settings from an icon in the lower right margin of your screen, and you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect). You also want to be sure you're plugged in with your power cord so that you don't run out of power during the testing session.  Make sure your volume isn't muted or set too low (also accessed in the lower right margin of your screen).

Once we establish the video link, you can click to make it "full screen". A smaller floating screen window allows you to see yourself at the same time, and it can be moved to any corner of the screen. The larger view (that shows the person you're talking with) is the one that can be made "full screen" size.  With each Skype appt, we'll spend the first few minutes making sure its working smoothly from both ends, but once the connection is made, it's pretty simple. After the testing session with the kids, I'll chat with you for a few minutes, and then email you the testing results sheets, the curriculum resource sheet, and your receipts for the testing fee.

Let me know if you have any questions.