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 You can test any time of the year. See my article linked below to consider what time of the year is best for you to test.  You may have heard that the Peabody is being discontinued, but it is just currently out of print. We are uncertain at this time, whether or not another publisher will begin printing the Peabody test kits. This means that no one can purchase new administration kits to become a Peabody tester. Testers with kits can continue to test with the Peabody administration kit they have for any homeschool family who'd like to test, and the test meets the requirements for states who require a nationally normed and standardized test. Feel free to direct any questions you have to me via email (see contact page). 


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Peabody Individual Achievement Testing


The Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT) isn't timed and is shorter in format than the pencil tests you're familiar with. That means less stress for the student. It's set up more like a game, also to keep stress low. We all know that stress is counter-productive to doing well on a test, and can actually spawn test anxiety which can plague a child their entire life. The format requires reading only in the reading assessment, so a delayed reader isn't disadvantaged in the other skill areas. The test makes no assumptions about your child's skill level by grade. It allows each child to rise to their current level of ability, so advanced students can demonstrate their mastery, even several grade levels higher, but areas of weakness aren't forced to the same level.

Skype testing is just $45 per test. You can skype from any location worldwide with wifi and a webcam. A laptop, tablet, or Ipad will work.

The Peabody is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test. It must be individually administered by a trained examiner, with assessment completed in the following content areas: Reading, Math, Spelling , Science, Social Studies and Humanities. The subtests and composite scores are calculated immediately- no waiting for results. The test is oral in format and almost conversational in tone, with the tester asking questions and the student reading or choosing from the possible answers that are before them on an easel. It's like an academic version of "who wants to be a Millionaire".  Testers strive to keep the test experience casual and unintimidating for your child. It takes 35-45 minutes to administer the test, but the exam is not timed. Testing is available year round and will assess K - 12 grade levels.

Individualized Testing
Each child is assessed using the material appropriate to their current level of achievement, working toward higher material until they answer incorrectly a targeted number of clustered items. This stopping point establishes their learning threshold. This allows children to rise to their level of ability without restricting their test level to a grade-specific range.

 How Does it Work?

Testing can be done at your home (in person or via skype), a library, church or other location (depending on the availability of a tester in your area). With skype, you can test from anywhere with wifi. Wherever you feel your child would be most comfortable. If I don't test in your area, I'm happy to get you the contact information of a tester who does. If testing in person at your home, it is typically done at the kitchen or dining room table and the house does not need to be perfectly quiet. The usual amount of household activity is normal for your child and not a distraction. You are welcome to sit with your child during the testing, but you may observe only. After the testing portion of the appt, we will go over your child's scores and any questions you have. Your child does not need to be present for the scoring portion if you'd prefer the child not know his/her exact scores. If you are having more than one child tested, they will test individually one after the other and we will do the scoring and discussion after all of the assessments are completed. Children typically find this test format gamelike and fun, but if your child has test anxiety, be assured I will do my best to put him/her at ease before we begin.

How to Schedule

If you are interested in arranging an appt for testing, you can email me from the contact page of this website. I test mornings and some weekends, year round. I usually have room in my schedule for new families from Aug to Dec and Jan to March. If we can't work out a schedule that works for you, I can refer you to another tester.


Testing via webcam!

Skype testing is very much like face to face testing. Each child takes a turn at the computer to complete their testing session with me. Then I go over those scores with you and email you the full scoring sheet and testing notes at the conclusion of your session. You can pay your testing fee through a paypal account. Let me know if you have questions. It's really very user friendly and convenient.