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This website will be moving-- stay tuned.

I'll be moving this website over the next 30 days.

Homeschool YOUR way!

Looking for new resources, curriculum ideas, information on testing options or ideas to help a child who is struggling? Find what you need to homeschool YOUR way.  There is no right way to homeschool. It's all about options and finding the right fit. You can change approaches or curriculum any time.

Don't continue with something that isn't working.

  • If you feel like you're banging your head against a wall, it's NOT working.
  • If you find yourself dreading your homeschooling time, it's NOT working.
  • If there are tears and whining and anger during homeschooling, it's NOT working.
  • If your child's eyes glaze over and it takes an hour to complete a worksheet, it's NOT working (and more importantly, your child isn't learning).

How do you know what works? You and the kids will feel excited about the next topic. You'll feel confident in your choice to homeschool. You won't spend your summers wondering if you should put the kids back in school when fall comes. 

Browse my site, check out the resources page, or email me for specific ideas. My resource page specifically offers suggestions on homeschool strategy and approach, for shaking up your homeschool year and for overcoming challenges. Explore, discover, try new things. You'll find what works for you and for your learner, and you'll know when it's working. 



Check out the Resources Pages for more info and ideas to enrich your homeschooling experience!

What about TESTING??

Testing requirement? You have several options. Pick the testing format that allows your children to put their best foot forward and show what they really know. Yes, I'm a Peabody tester, but my testing page also includes information on how to get tests like the ITBS or CAT5, if that's your preference.