Exploring the Arts

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Whether your goal is exploration or deeper study, these ideas are a helpful way to begin.


Art was never my strength, but exploration and giving it a try can be just as educational. Check out this article on our approach to art education.

A field trip to a museum can be more interactive (even if you can't touch the exhibits). This article shows you how.

Resources for Arts & Crafts projects and inexpensive supplies.

Face it, art and projects start to pile up. This article shares some options for display to keep from being overrun by a prolific artist.

Creative writing can start small and grow when you build on a child's current interests. This article points the way to some inspiring topics for your child.

 A topic by topic approach that can be used to explore the arts, science, social studies. This can be used as a supplement to your curriculum or as an approach in and of itself.


 Check out this listing for curriculum ideas, a reading list, videos and supplemental materials to add to your coverage of the arts!