Communication Skills

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Reading, Writing, Spelling and Speaking Skills

Check out these ideas and resources on communication skills. Remember that you can always start small and build to higher level skills. Every student comes to these subjects with different levels of comfort, natural predisposition and tolerance for frustration. 

If kids are excited about an idea or a challenge, they will come to a project more willingly and engage with it. Check out this article for ideas to get them interested. 

You can come up with games or activities for any subject matter or skill to be learned. Here are a few to get you started. This might just recharge your learning processes!

Whether your child is in first grade or still reluctant in 4th grade, this article will help you lay out a manageable path to reading fluency. Most kids who struggle hit a wall when they begin to tackle vowel combinations. Charting a course and taking baby steps for just a few months will get things back on track. If you feel like a coaching session would be helpful, let's talk!

Our brains are REALLY good and learning something and designating it to 'auto pilot'. Read here about how to use our brains tendency along these lines to your advantage. 

As homeschoolers, we don't have the built in audience that a classroom has. But there are ways to work on public speaking skills. This article lays out some fun options for any age student.

It's an oldie but a goodie. Show & Tell can incorporate speaking, organizing thoughts, and the important skill of being able to explain a subject to someone less familiar with the topic than yourself. This can be adapted for all ages. 

Some kids struggle with handwriting to the point of refusing to write. Here are some ideas to start big and work down to the skills you hope will develop.

This article inspires kids to use their own experience with advertising to develop their own communication skills. 

Writing, vocabulary building and fun all in one activity.

Good, effective communication is SO important regardless of your future career. All relationships hinge on communication. So many curriculum neglect this important skill set. Here's an article to get your started. 

Whether you work in the field or not, all of us need a basic understanding of specialized vocabularies. Medical terms, legal terms, financial terms. Check out this resource to get your teen started on this important part of vocabulary acquisition.