Field Trips, Outings and Adventures

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Field trips can be local, part of your family travel, videos or even online virtual tours.


This listing will give you a pool of ideas to draw from for field trips in our area. This was compiled from Mn sources, but you can easily find parallel experiences in your area. 

Peek in on real animals around the world with these live animal cams. Active links can change, so if you can't get one to connect try googling the animal cam you're looking for and you should be able to come up with the current link.

You can tour countless factories, learn how things are made, and even walk through an art gallery or museum. If links become out of date, a quick google search should find you the right connection. 

Field trip ideas for older students. Check out this list and then add more of your own ideas!

My thoughts on the best time to get out and visit your local field trip destinations. Make the most of your time out and about.

Field trips and outings can be a great addition to your summer fun!!