Phy-Ed and Health

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Physical Education should teach your kids about exercise and activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. It's also about trying new things and finding hobbies for future enjoyment.

Start a list of activities to try together. You might include: kayaking, rock climbing, fencing, horse back riding, skating, skiing, swimming, sailboarding, skateboarding or running. During an olympic year, try out some of the olympic events. And each season can bring new outdoor activities to try. 

Health instruction can include learning about our bodies, nutrition, avoiding disease and maintaining health.

Activity ideas to explore our bodies and how we get along when something stops working or works differently.

Activities for exploring how we learn about our world through input from our senses.

Winter doesn't have to challenge you ability to be active and explore other activities. A Wii game system has a lot to offer. Check out these ideas. 

 You really don't need a curriculum for this. CHeck out this article for ideas and devising your game plan for Phy-Ed! Even some money saving ideas.