Strategies for the Challenging Days

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We all have challenging days (or weeks or months) when things aren't going smoothly, or the kids are fighting it at every turn. Take this opportunity to jump ship and try something new.


Turning the tables can switch things up. A little reverse psycholgy can get you past a clog in the learning process. 'Sneaky' is an effective teaching strategy. 

Sloppy math work means they just want to be done. Math requires accuracy or there's no point. Try these strategies to put the emphasis back on correct solutions and math will be back on track.

Sometimes pushing just entrenches the other side. Looking for ways to elicit cooperation? Try this!

You don't have to go broke- read about thrifty ways to maximize your homeschooling dollars.

You  can homeschool AND work. Read through my info for ideas and options you may not have considered.

 Like a one room schoolhouse, most homeschooling families have kids at different grade levels and sometime quite a span to cover. You might have some in the early grades and others approaching high school. It can be done. 

 Whether you have been a single parent for some time or are finding yourself in this group rather unexpectedly, you can homeschool successfully. This article addresses some of the issues unique to single parent homeschooling. You might also find some helpful info in the 'homeschooling strategies for working parents' article.