Ideas for Struggling Learners

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We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some things come easily, others require more effort and maybe a special approach. I share these resources to help you find the approach that works for whatever struggle your child might be having.


A third of all children don't take readily to reading. You might call them late bloomers, or reluctant readers, but the truth is that reading is not an easy skill for them to master. These strategies can help you plan a step by step approach to keep your reader from being overwhelmed and build feelings of confidence. 

Special learning styles require adaptive approaches and solid information. I've compiled a list to help you find what works for your particular kiddo.

Everybody learns better and remembers more when multiple sense are involved in the experience. Here are some ideas for adapting to a more immersion approach.

Math doesn't have to be worksheets and flash cards. Try a different approach and see if it doesn't help your child better wrap his/her head around the concept.

Games and activities can help a child who struggles in almost any skill area. Check this list of ideas for something will adapt to your child's topic of challenge.

Take advantage of a brain's natural tendency to use auto-pilot. Strategies to encourage our brains to do what they do best. 


I'm often asked how parents can get a child assessed for learning difficulties. You have a few options. This article will walk you through the choices available to homeschoolers.

 If your child struggles academically, is developmentally delayed or has learning difficulties, you may be wondering how this will impact standardized testing. This article will walk you through your options as well as things to consider as you make your testing plans.