For Minnesota Homeschoolers

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Each state has different requirements of homeschooling families. The resources here specifically address homeschooling in Minnesota.


Curious about how the homeschooling movement came about in Mn? This article will walk you through the history that brings us to our current homeschooling culture today.

If you have questions, you aren't alone. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about homeschooling, and more importantly, the answers!

In Mn we are required to test 'annually' with a standardized, nationally norm-referenced test. Within that requirement, you have many options.

If you have questions about testing, you aren't alone. This page will offer answers to Frequently Asked Questions about testing.

Most of your homeschooling expenses are deductible on your Mn State Income tax return. If your tax preparer claims otherwise, share this article! All deductions start with solid recordkeeping. So check out this article to be sure your are keeping the receipts and documentation you'll need at tax time.


Post Secondary Education Opportunities (PSEO) is a program in Mn that allows High school juniors and seniors to attend college for free. Tuition and books are covered with this program. You'll want to start briefing yourself on how it all works when your student enters 9th grade, as there are time lines to follow and deadlines to meet during 10th grade. Read this article for more info!

More info here on the ins and out of the PSEO program. 

 Here's a sample form you can use to report to your district in the fall. Forms are due at your district superintendent's office by Oct 1. Use this form the first time you report, or the when reporting to a new district if you move. 

 Use this form to report to your district each fall after you have already submitted the primary reporting form. This form states that you are continuing to homeschool and should include any changes to your information or additional children in the household now of reporting age.

 Field trip ideas from all around Minnesota. Homeschooling doesn't mean 'home bound'. Get out and learn!