Shaking up your homeschool year

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Ideas for shaking up your homeschool year. Sometimes you just need a pool of ideas to pick from and make it all new again.


Boredom will kill learning. This article will help you chart a course that steers clear of boredom!

A list of ideas to draw from when you need something to punch up the interest level in your homeschooling days. This can be especially helpful when winter starts to feel loooooong.

Some New Year's resolutions might be just the thing to kick the mid-school year doldrums.

Summer can mean fun AND learning. This article will inspire you!

Here's a great idea for kicking off your new homeschool year in the fall. Make the most of the first few weeks by getting out and about.

Need ideas to keep kids from forgetting everything over the summer? Check out this article.


Tips and resources to save you time and money!