Ideas on Strategy and Approach

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There is no ONE way to homeschool. The articles here will help you explore your options and focus on the resources needed to homeschool YOUR way.


If you aren't happy with your traditional approach using textbook and other packaged curriculum, this article can ease you into a more exploratory and hands on approach to your homeschooling journey. 


You can choose the length of school year that works for you. As homeschooling becomes a lifestyle choice, you may find that one year rolls seamlessly into the next. 

With a little guidance you can learn to adapt nearly any curriculum into a more hands on, immersion learning tool.

You have multiple ages and multiple skill levels in a homeschooling situation. So why not think of it as a one room schoolhouse? Here are some strategies for covering all bases.

You don't have to go broke with this homeschooling endeavor. This article offers resources and tips for maximizing the value of your homeschooling expenditures.

 I am often heard to encourage homeschoolers to kick their textbooks to the curb and learn by more interesting avenues. In this article I lay out how that works, and what I mean by 'textbook avoidant'. 

Recordkeeping that is easy and fun. What could be better? And the kids will do most of the work. 

The topics as loaded here have kind of run together. I'll work on getting that reformatted. But the article will get you started on this inexpensive yet rich approach to science, social studies and the arts.


 You don't have to do everything yourself. Make use of the experts in your own circle of family and friends. This article will walk you through your options and ideas for richer learning!