Resources for 7 -12th graders

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Articles here have ideas for older students.

Homeschooling High School can have its challenges, but you have many resources available to you. Click on the links on this page for resources and ideas for the 7th to 12th grade years. You'll want to be thinking about college and beyond, so consider Public Speaking skills, encourage writing projects and don't forget that science favorite, dissection.  More ideas below!

Here's the scoop on PSEO- college classes for Mn homeschoolers in 11th and 12th grade. Free tuition and books. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity (and read part II, also!).
This part II of PSEO will give you some 'ins & outs' about the process. It's not too soon to start getting info on PSEO when your student is a 9th grader!
Volunteering is a great way to build a resume for college or that first job. It's also a wonderful experience for your teen as they are getting ready to head out into that big world. 
As your student reaches 8th and 9th grade, you have new testing options. Read more here!
You have a teen and now it's time to start thinking about career paths. Here are some resources to help you start this process. 
Dummies books can be a great alternative to traditional textbooks. They are easier to read and not nearly as dry and coma-inducing as a text. Read more here!
Your teen may have outgrown the usual museums and nature centers, but there are big kid venues waiting to be explored!

Don't overlook the life skills your teen will need to handle adult life independently!
This assignment challenge could end up changing the world! 
It's important to figure out how you learn best. Here are some things to consider as you work on mapping your strengths.
Build vocabulary through specialized terminologies: Medical, Legal, etc.