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If you'd like to use report cards as part of your record keeping process, click here for some samples and ideas on how to assign grades.

Whether you're new to this whole homeschooling thing or have been at it for years, I think you'll find something new to try or info for that next stage of homeschooling.

I live in Mn and homeschooled my children here, so you'll find one page with resources specific to the Minnesota homeschooling experience. There are also resources here based on the grade you're homeschooling, or subject you're covering, or the style/approach to homeschooling. If you don't find what you need, please feel free to email me. 


There is no ONE way to homeschool. The articles here will help you explore your options and focus on the resources you need to homeschool YOUR way. Consider: Homeschooling outside the box, homeschooling year round, immersion learning strategies, one room schoolhouse approach, homeschooling on a shoe string, and how to homeschool without textbooks.

Ideas for changing things up! If your homeschool year needs a boost or you just need something new to generate some interest, check here for some ideas. You can choose from: No room for boring, jump start your homeschooling, New Years' resolutions for homeschoolers, summer fun, go forth and explore, no backsliding, and homeschool hacks.

We all have challenging days (or weeks or months) when things aren't going smoothly or the kids are fighting us at every turn. Take this opportunity to jump ship and try something new. consider: a little reverse psychology, dealing with sloppy math work, overcoming resistance, homeschooling on a shoestring, strategies for the working parent, strategies for homeschooling multiple grade levels, homeschooling and the single parent. 

If your child is struggling or has learning difficulties, these resources may be just what you need to find a better approach. You'll find: strategies for reading struggles, autism resources, immersion learning adaptations, math games for the mathphobic child, games for multiple subject areas, imprinting and how our brains read, assessing learning difficulties, annual testing options for special needs students.




Click here for more resources for younger students. Strategies, games and learning activities. You'll find: history for gradeschoolers, show & tell, exploring disabiities, easy word games, easy math games, edible math, museum seek and find, exploring our senses, stopwatch fun, bugs & butterflies, math fun and math authors.

click here for ideas for your older students. Teen volunteering, PSEO tips, getting ready for college, career exploration, life skills, vocab building, and even a listing of big kid field trip ideas!

Ideas and resources by subject or topic. Ideas for all ages. Try something new for Math, Communication skills, the Arts, Phy-edn& Health, Social Studies, or Science. I also have ideas for virtual field trips!

Each state has different statutes governing homeschooling. This page walks you through the regulations and options for Mn Homeschoolers. Info on testing, taxes, PSEO, fall reporting forms, and even field trip ideas.