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For more information on testing, additional resources or learning strategies, please email!

TESTING: If you have questions or would like to schedule a testing appt, please include how many children will be tested and what city & state you live in. It's also helpful to know which days of the week you are most available for testing and the ages of your children.



Please email if you need my mailing address. If you're mailing payment for skype testing, my address is on the skype tip sheet.


As a longtime homeschooler and an Independent Peabody Tester, I am happy to share my knowledge and resources with others in the homeschooling community. I homeschooled my two sons from pre-school through PSEO. I have been testing since Jan 2001. I hope to continue to be a resource to the homeschooling community, even as my sons have moved out of their homeschooling years. I am not a licensed teacher (some states require testing to be completed by a teacher licensed in your state). My educational background is in Psychology/Learning/Test development.