Report Card Options

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There is no longer a requirement for anyone to submit report cards in MN.

If you'd like to track your child's progress with report cards, you can certainly do that. There is no requirement in Mn for anyone to submit report cards to their district. There is also no official format for report cards, and the format you use doesn't have to be the same each year. I've included a few options here, but feel free to create your own if this is something you'd like to have in your records.

You can also determine the dates of your quarters and whether your school year has 4 quarters or 3 (with summer being the fourth quarter).

Click on any of the report card versions below to see a larger image. 

Sample 1

A basic format for a report card. You can put whatever form of grading you care to use in the provided lines. The courses listed here (and in all of the samples shown) are the courses required in the Mn Statute for Homeschoolers. If  you are providing instruction in additional course areas, you aren't required to turn those scores in, but can certainly modify the report card format to accomodate all subject areas.

Sample 2

This format doesn't show grades for successive quarters, only for the current quarter being reported. There are spaces for break out grades under the Communications heading. You can use letter grades, or simply write "this student has completed all course work for the quarter".

Sample 3

This version shows a 3 quarter system, and leaves room for grading to be scaled according to Satisfactory, Improving, Exceeds Goals, or whatever ranking system you care to use.

Sample 4

With this format, it shows 4 quarters, and grading could be given as letter grades (A,B,C,D,F or I for incomplete).